Michael's Favorite Reads: The Week of January 13

Each and every week, I will share some of my favorite articles and columns from the previous week. I hope you enjoy this regular feature, and that you'll be introduced to some great writing and ideas. If you find an article that you think is perfect for this feature, leave it in the comments or email me at michael (at) michaelrwear (dot) com. Read last week's favorite reads here.


McKay Coppins for Buzzfeed: New Evangelical Movement Seeks Split from Pro-Israel Line

Coppins reports on changing views among evangelical issues on Israel. This is great reporting, and covers what I think is an important trend that will have impact our politics significantly. 

Charlotte Jenkins for The Michigan Daily: On the Decline: How Religion is Fading from Campus

I enjoyed this look at faith on the campus of the University of Michigan.

Tim O'Shei for The Buffalo News: Sabres' 'Anthem Guy' Leads Purposeful Life Beyond Center Ice

O'Shei profiles Doug Allen, the man who has performed the national anthem (and Canadian anthem) for the Buffalo Sabres for 20 years.

Jeremy Peters for The New York Times: Two Senators Have Little but a State in Common

A good microcosm of our partisan politics, Peters profiles the cold relationship and vast differences between Wisconsin's two United States Senators.

TOP READ: David Remnick for The New Yorker: Going the Distance

Remnick, author of The Bridge and the premier biographer of President Obama, puts out an elucidating 17,000-word story based on several long sit-down interviews with the President. The President covers a lot of ground: his 2004 convention speech, the Middle East, and even a somewhat odd discussion of "original sin." I could talk about various aspects of this article for days, but you should just read it. Let me know what you think in the comments.