A Personal Update

This year has been marked by new beginnings, a renewed understanding of God's faithfulness, and a deepened commitment to my work and calling.

Last month, I started a new consulting business. The firm is focused on helping Christian leaders and organizations navigate a rapidly changing cultural and political landscape, as well as helping secular organizations--businesses, advocacy organizations, foundations--understand the religious landscape in this country. You can read more about my work on this website. Stay tuned for continued updates as the firm develops--including an upcoming announcement in the next 30-60 days regarding the firm's name.

I've also been busy writing and speaking, including piece previewing last month's meeting between Pope Francis and President Obama (I reflected on the meeting here on this blog). My February article in The Atlantic on The Changing Face of Christian Politics continues to provoke a lot of conversation, and the themes of that article will continue to be important in my writing and work moving forward. Earlier this week, I spoke at an event at the Brookings Institution marking the release of a report on Economic Justice and the future of the "religious left." You can read the report and watch my remarks, along with remarks from E.J. Dionne, Bill Galston, Ross Douthat, Jen Butler, Gabriel Salguero and others at Brookings' website.

I'm also excited to tell you, dear reader, that Melissa and I are headed to Europe for two weeks next month. Melissa will be running a conference in London for her work with the British Council, and I am generously tagging along for the trip. I am looking forward to seeing the sights and some dear friends, but I will also visit with British government and faith-based leaders while in London. In fact, visit the events page on this website for information on my public events in London while I am there. Then, once Melissa wraps up her work, we will be heading to Paris. We have wanted to go since we started dating, and we're pretty stunned that we have the opportunity to do so. I am hoping to blog while in Paris (and London), and attempt to do my best Ta-Nehisi Coates impression.

Finally, I will admit that this blog has not been as active as I would have liked over the past couple of months. My attention was diverted to a few unexpected projects. However, I am hoping to regain my rhythm, and I am grateful to you, dear reader, for sticking with me.

These are exciting times, and we live in an important age. What a gift that we do not have to find our way alone.

As always, you can leave comments below or email at Michael@MichaelRWear.com with any comments or questions.