Last Week, Today: Why is it uncool to talk about how much you love your kids?

Last week's headlines on politics, religion and culture

"I really love my daughter, but I'm not supposed to talk about that"

"Why is it so easy to joke about wanting to murder your child and so hard to talk about worrying you might actually die of love?" Jennie Yabroff asks in her beautiful essay at The Washington Post about how dominant parental discourse has no words to describe the experience of falling in love with one's child.

The Vatican has an new chief astronomer

As it turns out, there is a Vatican observatory, staffed by a dozen astronomers. Here is a neat interview in Science Mag with the head of the observatory, Guy Consolmagno (Phd), on faith & science, Pope and Galileo, and why he chose to come back to astronomy after he quit it to join the Peace Corps to help those in poverty. 

Angry Politicians

Daniel Drezner at The Washington Post compares Obama's outrage at mass shootings to conservatives' outrage at Planned Parenthood, and how each chooses to channel their anger differently. (Hint: One party threatens to hold the federal government hostage). 

Why Pope Francis' approach to climate change is radically different

Barry Rabe over at Brookings makes a good point: Climate change is a notoriously politically difficult issue to tackle. So how does Pope Francis - in his person and in his speech - approach it differently from, say, Al Gore? This is a good example of how a religious voice can make a unique difference in a "secular," civic conversation. 

"What does it mean that Pope Francis met Kim Davis?"

John Allen at Crux provides an analysis of this controversial meeting and what we can or cannot extrapolate from it when it comes to religious freedom. More news has since come out: The Vatican has stated that the meeting should not be considered a form of wholesale support for Davis' position and all its complexities, and that the Pope's one "real audience" was with a former student, Yayo Grassi, a gay man and who brought his partner of 19 years.