Last Week, Today: President Obama interviews Marilynne Robinson

Last week's headlines on politics, religion and culture

Marilynne Robinson on fear, Christianity and public life

President Obama, a big fan of Gilead and Home, interviews Robinson on her faith, Iowa, and writing in the New York Review of Books. The Washington Post has asummary of the highlights from the interview, including a quote from Michael. 

Why BLM is a good thing but not enough

A 58-year-old black man writes a series of thought-provoking emails to Conor Friedersdor, a writer for The Atlantic. He explains why he supports BLM but thinks no one is addressing the "return on crime," why black men are drawn to the high emotional and financial returns on crime, returns that have been inflated by the criminalization of drugs. 

"There's nothing progressive about physician-assisted suicide"

Chris Hale points out in Time the irony of how low-income residents may qualify for suicide-assisted drugs but not basic treatments under Medicare and Medicaid. In essence, we'll pay for you to die but not to live. 

"The children among Syria's ruins"

M.J. Gerson tells the stories of the children he met during a trip to Lebanon with World Vision. He writes, "The Syrian refugee crisis is now the greatest humanitarian challenge since the height of the AIDS pandemic."

10 Types of Odd Friendships You're Probably Part Of

For a lighter read, check out WaitbutWhy's uncannily accurate list of odd friendships: the non-question-asking friend, the non-parallel life paths friend, the historical friend, the lopsided friendship, etc. 

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