Last Week, Today: How Evangelicals of Color Are Reacting to the Church's "Chicken Little" Moment

Last week's headlines on politics, religion and culture

Why Settle for the 'Wilberforce Option' When We Have Dr. King?

Last week, Michael Gerson and Peter Wehner explained in Christianity Today how Christians can engage society and flourish from a position of diminished power and privilege. Gabriel Salguero, in this CT article, builds off their argument and lays out why the broader evangelical church ought to start working with evangelicals who are already accustomed to the periphery: evangelicals of color.

#ThinkerThursdays: Interview with Alissa Wilkinson

We interview Alissa, film critic and assistant professor at King's College, on why everybody in the film world wants to talk about religion but nobody knows how to do so, and much more. 

America: In Search of a Political Reset

Chuck Todd, moderator of Meet the Press, explains why we are "struggling through our most significant political recession since Vietnam and Watergate."

New Rehabilitation Efforts from White House for Formerly Incarcerated

Each year, 600,000 individuals are released from prison. Here is what President Obama, with the help of the My Brother's Keeper Task Force, is doing to enable their re-integration, from housing, to employment, and to skill-building.

Democrats and Republicans are Both Sharing this Video of Christie

Watch Chris Christie share moving stories about his mother and a former classmate to illustrate why America should change the way it relates to drug addicts. 

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