Last Week, Today: Time Magazine's Person of the Year is a Devout Christian

Last week's headlines on politics, religion and culture

1. Time Magazine's Person of the Year is a Devout Christian
"I would like to see more people who have the courage to say ‘I am a Christian believer,’ and more people who have the courage to enter into a dialogue.
- Angela Merkel

2. How Obama Thinks About ISIS
Republicans have accused Obama of dragging his feet on ISIS. Peter Beinart explains at The Atlantic why choosing to put boots on the ground and cccupy foreign lands is exactly what ISIS wants -- and Obama knows this. 

3. "Political Identity" Is Fair Game for Hatred
In 1960, around 5 percent of Americans said they would be displeased if their child married someone of the opposite political party. In 2010, that number is now at 49% for Republicans and 33% for Democrats. Vox explains why. 

4. John Kerry Should Recognize Christian Genocide
Kirsten Powers lays out the evidence that ISIS is targeting Christians and explains why invoking the "g-word" is more than a matter of semantics.

5. Stephen Colbert Weighs in on "Thoughts & Prayers" and Gun Control
"The reason why you keep people in your thoughts and prayers is not to fix the problem but to share the burden of grief," Stephen Colbert explains in this two-minute clip. 

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