Last Week, Today: eulogy, black Christian forgiveness, SCOTUS, end of death

1. Listen to President Obama's eulogy of Reverend Pinckney, including how he led the congregation to a rendition of Amazing Grace (it starts at around 1:58). Transcript available here. Hint: the main theme is… grace. It is a veritable sermon. 

2. "Stop Explaining Away Black Christian Forgiveness" (Christianity Today)

The forgiveness extended by the Charleston Nine has been met with wonder, admiration--but also skepticism. Michael responds to the skeptics, arguing that their criticism amounts to a diminishment of African-American faith. 

3. Reflections on SCOTUS by Wesley Hill (Spiritual Friendship)

In "'The 'Benedict Option' and the Dazzled Pagan Eye," Hill, who takes an orthodox view of marriage, lays out a few concrete scenarios and examples of what it would look like to convince someone - not so much with words, but with lifestyle -  of the traditional view of marriage. 

In "Hoping for Love," he explains why it is that he felt moved by the scenes of jubilation and love among his gay friends after the SCOTUS ruling.

4. "Peter Thiel, N.T. Wright on Technology, Hope and the End of Death" (Forbes)

The Veritas Forum hosted Peter Thiel, a Silicon Valley guru, & N.T. Wright, a prominent Anglican theologian, for a talk on many things, including whether or not trying to defeat death (as Google and many other companies are trying) is a worthwhile endeavor. Both Thiel & Wright are Christians, but have opposing views. Max Anderson, who covered the event, writes, "Maybe it’s time for more conversation between faithful thinkers and thinking techies and a shared project of building a better future." 

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