Last Week, Today: Unraveling of Voting Rights Act, Lecrae, etc.

Last week's headlines on politics, religion and culture

1. "A Dream Undone" (NY Mag)

Jim Rutenberg exposes the 50-year campaign to roll back the Voting Rights Act. 

"Sometimes the way in which it was handled was legitimate. Sometimes it was over the line," said Carter Wrenn, former strategist, commenting on how he helped the Republican Party win over conservative white voters from the Democratic Party with race-tinged campaigns in the 1970's. 

2. Talking about race is hard. Lecrae, a Christian hip hop artist, posted a viral videoon his Facebook, observing that he gets a lot of public support from white Christians when he talks about abortion or ISIS, but gets questions or criticism when he talks about race. "I'm really interested in understanding the sentiment behind this reaction," he asks. His video has received thousands of comments.

3. But sometimes, talking about race gets you ahead in the polls. Donald Trump is leading the Republican candidates in public polls. The New York Times explains Trump's savvy instinct for racially-charged rhetoric long predates his presidential bid. 

4. Caitlin Dewey, at the Washington Post, explains how it is that a 19-year-old boy with 4.3 million fans on Vine, a video-sharing platform, is now being accused of rape based on a video he posted, and how it is that sexual harassment, assault and child pornography are  trending in YouTube and Vine communities. (There is even an online community rallied against sexual abuse on the internet called Uplift.)

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