Should Christianity Be Weird?

Last week's headlines on politics, religion and culture

Latest: Michael is interviewed on Voice America radio on "America's Faith Crisis." 

1. Should Christianity Be Weird? 
National Review and Christianity Today both provide two extensive looks at Michael's friend, Russell Moore.

2. BLM movement vs Civil Rights Movement

There is a profound, inter-generational conversation - really, dispute - going on between today's black activists and those of the Civil Rights Era. Read this op-ed by a Civil Rights veteran on why she cannot support BLM, this response to it on why "respectability politics" will not "save us," and this historical, well-written analysis by a professor comparing the two movements. 

3. Who Can Stop Trump? Maybe Pastors Can...

Jon Ward at Yahoo Politics, along with Matt Soerens at Christianity Today, both make the argument that pastors can and should take a biblical stand on issues of racism and immigration, as they hold considerable influence over a subset of voters - evangelical Christians - who are in favor of Trump. For more on why people are drawn to him, read Evan Osnos' "The Fearful and the Frustrated."

4. Teaching Fun Home at a Christian University

In light of the recent news about Duke freshmen refusing to read Fun Home because it clashes with their Christian beliefs, Alan Jacobs, professor at Baylor University, has written on the experience of assigning Fun Home to his Christian students.

5. What's going on with China's stock market?

Emily Rauhala explains at the Washington Post how China's economy is in big trouble but it is not collapsing anytime soon. 

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