Last Week, Today: How to Protect Endangered Religious Groups...

Last week's headlines on politics, religion and culture

1. Latest blogpost: "Do We Need Hope to Fight for Justice? Ta-Nehisi Coates Interrogates Christian Resistance."

Sarah Ngu responds to Coates and looks to Dietrich Bonhoeffer to examine what it means to fight for justice uniquely as a Christian. 

2. "How to Protect Endangered Religious Groups You Admire" (Christianity Today)

John Inazu, Richard Garnett, and Michael W. McConnell outline a practical way to protect the tax-exempt status of religious organizations, from Catholic Charities to InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, whom you admire. 

3. "Special Report: State Watered Down Human Trafficking Report" (Reuters)

Why did human rights experts and the State Department's political staff clash over which countries improved trafficking conditions? Why did the State Department win?

4. "The Shame and Horror of Nuclear Weapons" (The Week)

Yesterday marks the seventieth anniversary of the nuclear bombing of Japan. William Swing and Tyler Wigg-Stevenson elaborate on the lessons we should carry from then. 

5. "Majority of Americans Say More Must Be Done to Fight Racism" (Pew)

This is the first time since Pew introduced the question in 2009 that there is a clear majority that feels more must be done to fight racism.

6. "The Hell You Say" (The New Yorker)

A evenhanded review of both sides on the current "free speech" debate: "The current free-speech debate is rather paradoxical, too—it can be hard to tell the speakers from the censors."

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