Last Week Today: I'll Write Till I'm Right with God

Last week's headlines on politics, religion and culture

1. I'll Write Till I'm Right with God (First Things)

Stephen Colbert hosted the rapper Kendrick Lamar on his show this past week. Why Lamar? His faith may have something to do with it. Read Alan Noble's wizard-like, literary analysis of how Lamar uniquely intertwines the Gospel and race at First Things. For more on Lamar's faith, see Reggie Ugwu's Buzzfeed article

2. Stephen Colbert & Joe Biden (Comedy Central)

A sincere, honest exchange on late-night television between Joe Biden and Colbert, focusing on Biden's faith and his son, Beau. Biden quotes Kierkegaard: "Faith is best seen in the dark." For more on Colbert's faith, see the Daily Beast interview with Colbert. 

3. The Good Wife: The Cult of Domesticity (Pacific Standard)

Laura Turner spins a historical tale on how domesticity appeared in the 18th century after the Industrial Revolution and how it still subtly persists in the 21st. 

4. Don't Give Up on the Black Church (Christianity Today)

Charlie Dates exhorts black-ministers-in-training to not turn their backs on the church in which they were raised especially in this national moment, and describes the ways in which (mostly white) evangelical seminaries contribute to this phenomenon. 

5. Fear (New York Review of Books)

Marilynne Robinson asks America why it is so afraid if it is indeed a Christian nation, and why it holds onto so many guns.

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