Last Week Today: What Does Kim Davis Mean for Christians?

Last week's headlines on politics, religion and culture

1. Kim Davis: Christian Leaders Weigh In (Breakpoint)

Many Christians, even conservatives, do not support Kim Davis’ actions this past week. Breakpoint has a great roundup of conservative Christians’ responses to the case—Karen Swallow Prior’s and Eric Teetsel’s are particularly worthwhile.

2. "Workplaces Make Terrible Monasteries" (Patheos: Unequally Yoked) 

Commenting on the Amazon expose, Leah Libresco writes on how a lot of companies, especially ones with lofty missions, have a "weird, cultural license to be totalizing" in their complete demands over your life. A terrible version of a monastery, in other words. 

3. Activists in Iran Pen Open Letter to the US (Politico)

More than 50 Iranian dissidents, political reformers, and civil activists have written a letter urging Congress to support the Iran nuclear deal.

4. Guess which countries are taking in Syrian refugees? (Business Insider)

Israel, Germany and Lebanon are spotlighted -- and not for the same reasons. 

5. Trump & the Evangelical Vote

Jonathan Merritt and Kirsten Powers both have critical pieces out analyzing why Donald Trump is exerting a greater sway over evangelicals. 

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