Last Week, Today: Religion, Politics and President Obama

Last week's headlines on politics, religion and culture

Update: America Magazine, a national Catholic weekly magazine, asks Michael 11 questions on religion, politics, and President Obama. Some highlights, "Have you ever felt any tensions between your faith and your political career?" and "What will happen with religious voters in the next presidential election?"

Update 2: Sarah Ngu interviews Kate Shellnutt, editor of CT's Her.merneutics section, on the purpose of Her.meneutics, the new strategic direction of ChristianityToday, and comedy. 

1. Religious Right Pandering on Gay Rights

Ted Cruz and Marc Rubio are telling voters they will roll back same-sex marriage. Rod Dreher explains why this move actually hurts the religious right.  

2. Believing in or Worshipping the "Same God"? 

Wheaton recently decided to suspend a professor who claiming Christians and Muslims worship the same God. The professor, Larycia Hawkins, cited Miroslav Volf's book, Allah, as evidence for her beliefs. Scot McKnight, professor of New Testament in Northern Seminary, dives into detail what Miroslav Volf was trying to argue in his book, Allah, as well as where McKnight disagrees with Volf. 

3. What Would Cool Jesus Do?

This is one of the most well-written and moving snapshots of Christian life and faith from an outsider. Taffy Brodesser-Akner, who was raised in an Orthodox Jewish family, is a reporter who goes to Hillsong, hangs out with the pastor, and almost becomes Christian. 

4. Becoming Christian Ruined My Love of Christmas

Growing up, Christmas was the only oasis of normalcy during Kirsten Powers' childhood. But after she converted, she writes, "The rank materialism became too much to bear, and the Christmas season morphed from being a time I savored into something I tried to survive each year."

5. What Merkel expects from German's refugees

Angela Merkel, in a speech on Dec. 14th, outlines the path forward for refugees: “Those who found refuge and protection with us must obey our laws, values and traditions.  And in order to understand us, they must learn the German language. All this, dear friends, is integration. All this is the exact opposite of multiculturalism. It remains true that multiculturalism leads to parallel societies and multiculturalism therefore remains a lie."

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