Reclaiming Hope: Week of October 24th, 2016

Can Trump Help Us Bridge the 'God Gulf'?

Nicolas Kristof notes that while there is plenty of evangelical support of Trump, we shouldn't ignore the fact that there is a striking number of prominent evangelicals who are denouncing Trump. He is hopeful that "the crisis among evangelicals this election year creates an opportunity to build bridges across America's 'God Gulf.'"

2. Joe Biden wants to make sure Democrats don’t give up on Trump voters

The Democratic Party is slowly drifting away from white working class voters and towards pedigreed elites, a movement that Biden is actively trying to combat. 

3. From Burma to Buffalo

The Buffalo News reports on how an influx of Burmese refugees has affected the city. This extensive reporting provides a window onto what is occurring in communities all over the United States, and a moving portrait of individuals and families striving to make it in America.

4. A Reading Guide for Those in Despair About American Politics

Regardless of who wins come November, America has a lot to grapple with -- police shootings, hate crimes, and fraying political coalitions. Emma Green has compiled a list of recommendations from academics, activists, comedians and more on books that provide a deeper look into our issues. 

5. What Does the 'Enneagram' Have to Offer Christians?

The Enneagram is an increasingly popular personality model in many contexts, including churches. Ian Morgan Cron and Suzanne Stabile are interviewed in a Christianity Today podcast about the connections between the wisdom of this ancient personality typology and the church's rich spiritual tradition. 

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