Last Week, Today: America's first post-Christian debate

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Update... Michael is interviewed by Christian Today, a UK publication, on his thoughts on Trump: "He does not contain an ounce of the grace or thoughtfulness of the man he wants to succeed, the understanding of the job and the aspirations to service of the woman he is running against, or the character and commitment to conservatism of the Republican Party's previous nominees.'

America's first post-Christian debate

Presidential candidates in debates have always appealed, if not directly to religion, then at least to America's "civil religion," defined by sociologist Robert Bellah, which drew heavily from Judeo-Christian values. This past debate was unique, Yoni Applebaum argues, in that both candidates largely abandoned the rhetoric of America's religion.

How decades of divorce helped erode religion

A new study from Pew reports that divorce may be a predictor of whether children become religious or nonreligious as adults. Thirty-five percent of the children of divorced parents say that they are nonreligious, compared with 23 percent of people whose parents were married when they were children.

Torn over Donald Trump and cut off by culture wars, evangelicals despair

The NYT provides a nuanced portrait of the internal conflicts that conservative evangelicals, particularly those who care about religious liberty, face when it comes to Trump.

How the Iraq war warped Obama's worldview

President Obama was right about the Iraq war. Shadi Hami asks: But does that necessarily make him right about Syria?

Our two political options in a post-Christian nation

Ross Douthat, in a talk at Messiah college, framed the two political options that Christians now face. They can either rely on political strong men to protect them from the forces of secularization. Or they can rejigger the two-party system and promote a political approach that is decidedly Christian in orientation. John Fea, professor at Messiah College, narrates the story.

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