Last Week, Today: Why We Send Our Kids to the Poorest Public School

Last week's roundup on faith, politics, and culture

1. Why We Send Our Kids to the Poorest Public School

In 2005, a white family of three moved from a comfortable suburb in Charlottesville, Virginia to the poorest public school in the city — not quite by choice. The mother, Jennifer Slates, tells her story in Christianity Today about how she wanted to leave, but then, why she stayed. 

2. Easter: The Dawn of a New Type of Politics

Andrew T. Walker writes at the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) blog on how resurrection of Jesus Christ “gives us a new politics…not the politics of this world that is caught up in endless cable news disputes, but a politics of the kingdom of God.” 

(Also worth reading is Marilynne Robinson on why the powerful stories of Easter and Christmas draw millions of people to church every year). 

3. Is Prostitution Just Another Job?

As Michael tweeted, "The mainstreaming of 'sex work' continues with this heartbreaking article" by Mac McClelland in NY Mag. As the church in America plays a bolder and more proactive role against sex trafficking, it’s important that we examine the related issue of sex work. 

4. Nixon Policy Advisor Admits The Reason Behind the War on Drugs

In the late 1960’s, the US government, under Richard Nixon, began an intense crackdown on drugs, which contributed to a spike in our nation’s prison population, especially for black and brown men. In a quote that has gone viral, a former Nixon policy advisor reveals the two main reasons why Nixon pushed for this: disrupting “antiwar left and black people,” the “two enemies” of the Nixon White House.

In response to this quote, some of Nixon's aides suggest that the comments were made in sarcastic jest. Nixon's former counsel says he was surprised by the revelation - if its true, it was a private, not a public, agenda - but said that after listening to the tapes, it was "certainly possible" that this was said. 

5. Why the Republican Establishment Doesn’t Like John Kasich

John Kasich remains the only “establishment” Republican candidate left in the race. And yet establishment Republicans don’t like him. Robert Draper explains why. 

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