Last Week, Today: Here's Obama's Best and Deepest Argument Against His Critics on the Left

Last Week's Roundup on Faith, Culture & Politics

1. Here’s President Obama’s Best and Deepest Argument Against His Critics on the Left

In case you missed it, Jonathan Chait extracts key points from President Obama's commencement speech at Howard University that reveal the president's vision of democracy and his subtle rebuttals to his leftist critics. In his speech, Obama gives an example of a police reform bill that he passed through the Illinois state legislature that he couldn't have passed without gaining the support of the police. The main theme? Progress is incremental and it requires listening to the other side. 

2. On Homecomings

Ta-Nehisi Coates reflects upon his acceleration into celebrity-sphere, how it has affected his writing, and why he longs for a home -- a place of quiet, anonymous respite -- that he can never return to again. 

3. Paul Ryan, Muslims and Sending His Kids to Catholic School

This is, as Michael tweeted, a good example of how certain conservatives will turn on religious freedom for all when convenient for them: Breibart "calls out" Paul Ryan for opposing a religious test for immigrants to the U.S., while sending his children to a Catholic school that does screen for religious beliefs. 

4. Republicans, Beware: Moderates Could Help Elect Clinton

Moderate Republicans make up 31% of the GOP base. They are socially liberal, fiscally conservative and want a strong military. And they might help elect Clinton over Trump. 

5. Sarah Kay Performs "Useless Bay"

Sarah Kay is a 27-year-old spoken word poet, whose TED talk has reached 9 million views, and who travels around the world for her poetry. Listen to her spellbinding poem on metaphors. 

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