Last Week, Today: Evangelicals Must Not Bear the Mark of Trump

Last Week's Roundup on Faith, Culture & Politics

1. Evangelicals Must Not Bear the Mark of Trump

MJ Gerson warns evangelicals who want to vote for Donald Trump out of pragmatism would not just amount to accepting Trump for who he is, but changing who they are. They would bear, "if not the mark of Cain, at least the mark of Trump."

2. Everybody Into the Pool

The New York Times' recent editorial condemns a Brooklyn public pool for making accommodations to fit the lifestyles of Orthodox Jewish women. Michaelargues that "this a really stark example of how insincere appeals to justice can be used to overrun inclusion of religious people." Tablet Magazine points out that similar practices have been adopted for Muslim women as well.

3. Barack Obama's Last Stand

Jon Favreau, former head speechwriter for Obama, lays out why Obama is uniquely equipped to make the case against Donald Trump and help Hillary Clinton. 

4. Welcome to the Desert of the Real: James K.A. Smith interviews Peter Thiel

Peter Thiel, cofounder of PayPal and Silicon Valley guru, discusses with Jamie Smith why he thinks we are in a time of technological stagnation, and the role that humans - not "technological forces" - can play to get us out of it. 

5. Grace, Justice & Mercy: Tim Keller in conversation with Bryan Stevenson

Tim Keller and Bryan Stevenson, a well-renowned civil rights activist and lawyer, discuss their respective callings and how the church can act as an ambassador of reconciliation and restoration in an age of mass incarceration and growing racial tension. 

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