Last Week, Today: How God Messed Up My Happy, Atheist Life

Last Week's Roundup on Faith, Culture & Politics

Update: Michael writes an article for the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities' 2016 Advance magazine on "engaging students in politics." He describes how to help educate students to become reasoned thinkers in a divisive political season. 

1. Nicole Cliffe: How God Messed Up My Happy, Atheist Life

Nicole Cliffe, cofounder of The Toast (a humor and feminist writing website) and friend of Laura Turner, writes about how she became a Christian, and how she has been changed since then.

2. The Liberal Blindspot

Nicholas Kristof responds to readers' criticisms of his earlier column, "A Confession of Liberal Intolerance." He lists three reasons for ideological diversity in universities. 

3. The U.S. President Who Finally Went to Hiroshima

Jeffrey Lewis pens a beautiful article on why it matters that Prsident Obama went to Hiroshima:

"We try to resist the idea that nuclear weapons represent a kind of turning point in human history... that we pose a kind of shared danger to ourselves, one that compels us to set aside differences, adapt our political institutions, and work toward a common peace. That sounds ridiculous in a conference room, perhaps, but not in Hiroshima. Quite the opposite. It’s all the rest of it that feels ridiculous: the preening politicians, the talking heads with perfect teeth, the generals and admirals covered in medals."

4. A Dialogue With a 22-Year-Old Donald Trump Supporter

Conor Friedersdorf engages in an illuminating email conversation with a young, educated Trump supporter, who is engaged to an Asian woman and who lives near San Francisco, on why he will vote for Trump and overlook his misbehavior. 

5. How to Address America’s Foster Care Crisis? It Takes a Village

May is National Foster Care Month. Kelly Rosati writes on why adoption is unimaginably hard, and why God is still calling the church to care for orphans. She opens by telling a story about how the eleven-year-old girl that she and her husband adopted chose to leave their home for good after a few turbulent months. 

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