Last Week, Today: The Unbelievable Tale of Jesus’s Wife

Last Week's Roundup on Faith, Culture & Politics

1. The Unbelievable Tale of Jesus’s Wife

A few years ago, a manuscript was discovered that hinted at the possibility that Jesus was married. Since then, academics have debated the legitimacy of that document. Ariel Sabar, a reporter, investigates the document's origin and tells an incredible, cinematic story of what he finds (he may have finished the debate for good.)

2. How Christians Can Bear Gospel Witness in an Anxious Age

The crumbling of Mainline Protestant churches may be the single most important fact over the past few decades in America. Tim Keller and John Inazu, in this incredibly important article, unpack what this vacuum means for Christians today. 

3. Southern Baptists & Confederate Flag

The Southern Baptist Convention passed a resolution, calling upon all churches to discontinue the display of the Confederate battle flag. For insight into why, watch this short clip of a passionate speech by James Merritt, former president of the SBC, on removing the flag. 

4. Why I Was Wrong About Welfare Reform

Every year, Nicholas Kristof brings an university student to report on global poverty with him. This year, instead of traveling abroad, he went to Tulsa, Oklahoma. Why? Because three million American children live in households with incomes of less than $2 per person per day (one child in 25), a problem that has been, according to recent research, exacerbated by welfare reform. 

5. Terrorism Is Not Hate

Terrorists are not motivated by hate, R.R. Reno states. They are rational, political actors who believe America is "the world's preeminent source of moral and spiritual corruption." We fail to see this, Reno argues, because we are too busy patting ourselves on the back for our tolerance and multiculturalism, and thus "are incapable of seeing the world through the eyes of a conservative Muslim, or of any religiously conservative person."

6. A Year Later, Forgiveness Remains Difficult

Bob Smietana profiles the families of the Charleston shooting victims -- where they are at now in their grief and struggle with forgiveness. 
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