The temptation of Hillary Clinton

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The temptation of Hillary Clinton

Michael's latest article, published in USA Today, is on the crucial choice that Clinton faces in her campaign against Donald Trump. While some liberals see the division within the Republican party as an chance to push for a far-left mandate, the real opportunity is to "emerge as a unifying political figure," one who will reach across the aisle to conservatives who are having a "crisis of conscience regarding Donald Trump."

Clinton already enjoys a strong reputation for her ability to make friends (and deals) with those who disagree with her. She has already made a concertedeffort to reach out to Republicans who disagree with Trump.

The (really, really) racist history on gun control in America

A 2015 poll showed that most African-Americans favored gun control over gun rights, while most whites prioritized gun rights over gun control. But there was a period of time in which those statistics were flipped: Decades ago, many African-Americans, including the Black Panthers, believed the right to self-defense was a necessity, while many white Americans - including Ronald Reagan - favored strict gun control. That said, African-Americans' attitude towards guns is shifting: More and more of them are starting to see guns as a means of self-protection.

The myth of cosmopolitanism

Ross Douthat argues, in wake of the Brexit vote, cosmopolitan elites have little clue how others see them: Aristocrats who pay lip-service to open borders and multiculturalism, but won't make any real sacrifice. They may love "Afghan restaurants but would never live near an immigrant housing project," Douthat writes. They seem like an "aristocracy to the excluded."

Obama after dark: The precious hours alone

After dinner with his family, Obama retreats into his private office to spend four to five hours alone, reading briefings, editing speeches... and playing Words with Friends.

This rapper is trying to get his fellow evangelicals to talk about race. Not everyone is on board.

Is Lecrae our generation's equivalent of "Billy Graham"? Michelle Boorstein unpacks Lecare's journey and what he means to evangelicals.

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