Last Week, Today | Relatively few Americans live in partisan media bubble, but they’re influential

Update: Millenial, an online blog and journal by Catholic millennials,interviewed Michael on Public Faith and its new voice in this political season.

Relatively few Americans live in partisan media bubble, but they’re influential

Despite our politically polarized climate, the majority of Americans get their political news from mainstream, relatively centrist media sources like MSN or AOL. So why all the talk of "partisan media bubble"? Brendan Nyhan explains.

Clinton, Trump, or neither? 3 views on the 2016 presidential election

Christianity Today has a special election feature: Three evangelical leaders - Ron Sider, James Dobson and Sho Baraka - write about how they will be voting in the presidential election this November. (Spoiler Alert: James Dobson’s interview is ridiculous.)

Civil rights or religious liberty — what’s on top?

U.S. Civil Rights Commission issued a report Wednesday that flatly states "religious exemptions to the protections of civil rights....significantly infringe upon these civil rights." It also states that "a basic right as important as the freedom to marry should not be subject to religious beliefs.”

This election’s faith-based candidate

EJ Dionne Jr. writes about how Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. challenged millions of Americans like him and Hillary Clinton who grew up in a conservative family to "embrace a Christian’s obligation to struggle for social and racial justice."

Reactionaries in our time

Rod Dreher explains how the "Benedict Option" is not an attempt to recreate a Golden Age in history, but a "recovery of the metaphysical vision the premodern Christians had," that is, "communities within which it is possible to live in greater harmony with God (which is to say, with reality) and with each other."

Pete Wells has his knives out

Ian Parker provides an inside look into the world of food criticism and Pete Wells, the restaurant critic at The New York Times.

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