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Michael, Alan Noble, and a group of other Christians have teamed up to create Public Faith, a platform that lays out a 21st century political vision, one that is grounded in a commitment to an orthodox Christian faith and a belief in working towards the common good. The goal is to introduce a new, confident and humble Christian voice in this political season, one that chooses not to withdraw from the political fray nor embrace partisan power-games. Read more about why it was created as well as Jon Ward's coverage. You can join Public Faith by signing up to affirm the vision statement here.

In today’s troubling times, where are our faith leaders?

E.J. Dionne responds to Alan Jacob's piece, included in last week's newsletter, on the loss of public Christian intellectuals. He argues that it is not that we have a shortage of Christian intellectuals, but more that we aren't hearing their voices, for we live in a climate where religion is subsumed under politics. In other words, Reinhold Niebuhr could not be Reinhold Niebuhr in 2016, Dionne writes.

The story behind Evan McMullin’s run for president

Who is Evan McMullin and why is he running for president despite such low odds of success? Josh Rogin gives us the story, from McMullin's poor, Mormon upbringing to his fight to protect Syrian civilians, in the Washington Post.

Under the Dark Spell of Trump, Jerry Falwell Jr. Is Damaging Public Christian Witness

Peter Wehner writes on how Jerry Fallwell Jr., president of Liberty University, has gone too far by "allowing the Christian faith to be used as a blunt, political weapon," thus negatively shaping public perception of Christianity.

Evangelicals and Race—A New Chapter

Mark Galli, editor of Christianity Today, writes that just as evangelicals experienced collective "God moments" on issues of world hunger and abortion in the '70s and '80s, evangelicals are today experiencing a new "God moment" on racial division and injustice.

"It’s difficult to find a mainstream white evangelical leader or historically white evangelical organization that doesn’t believe that racial justice is now a core concern, alongside abortion, human sexuality, and religious freedom—and that doesn’t believe that the days of all-white evangelical organizations are coming to an end."

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