Dispatches from Europe #2 (UK)

The second post in a series of reflections on travel to the UK and Paris by Michael Wear

What Jesus told God the Father about Good Friday

Every Good Friday, I read John 17, in particular. It is a rare window into a conversation between Jesus and His Father, a moment of great vulnerability and strength, where we learn from Jesus why he is heading to the Golgotha. 

The entire chapter is below. I hope you will read it, and not be troubled. He was glorified, and He reigns in glory today.

Music Monday: You Must Believe in Spring

You must believe in Spring. 

"See! The winter is past, the rains are over and gone" (Song of Songs 2:11). Victory has already been won. The snow is melting. Flowers are in bloom. Father Christmas is on his way. Our hope will be vindicated. 

A Music Monday post on Michael Wear's blog.