What Jesus told God the Father about Good Friday

Every Good Friday, I read John 17, in particular. It is a rare window into a conversation between Jesus and His Father, a moment of great vulnerability and strength, where we learn from Jesus why he is heading to the Golgotha. 

The entire chapter is below. I hope you will read it, and not be troubled. He was glorified, and He reigns in glory today.

Music Monday: You Must Believe in Spring

You must believe in Spring. 

"See! The winter is past, the rains are over and gone" (Song of Songs 2:11). Victory has already been won. The snow is melting. Flowers are in bloom. Father Christmas is on his way. Our hope will be vindicated. 

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Music Monday: How Deep is the Ocean?

"Sometimes, I think, our greatest attempts to express love contain in them the faintest picture of God's love for us." 

A Music Monday post on Michael Wear's blog: 


Duck Dynasty: A Personal Lesson from this Public Controversy

In that same interview with CNN, Al Mohler affirmed that Christians must be careful and considerate of the forums in which they make moral pronouncements. He was right. And Christians who do have a public voice, and take on the burden of teaching, should welcome the accountability other Christians can provide as a safeguard against the own sinfulness that can well up in our hearts. Our platforms are never more important than our faithfulness. 

Let us remember that whatever light is in us did not come from us. Let us remember our responsibility to share that light, and hold each other accountable as children of a holy and perfect King.