Pope Francis, President Obama and Christian Political Engagement

Pope Francis, President Obama and Christian Political Engagement

Today's meeting between Pope Francis and President Obama was fascinating and elucidating. I wrote for The Atlantic in advance of the meeting, that we should look beyond policy pronouncements to the "deeper things" for the meaning of this meeting. I think this proved true.

It's also been stunning to see media reaction to the meeting. Some are asking if just by merely meeting with Pope Francis, the President's poll numbers will go up. Others are expressing either dismay or surprise that the Pope didn't subject the President to a diatribe on abortion.

Here are my takeaways from the meeting:

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Yes, politics will always have big debates and strong contrasts, as it should: Voters deserve a real choice. And once elected, politicians have the right to act in line with their campaign promises.

But our politics can also be about something else, something bigger: Creating a better life for all Americans. 

Let's participate in making that the story of our politics.