The Temptations of (In)Action and the Call of Faithfulness

Photo and caption by    Emily Lester

Photo and caption by Emily Lester

Our confidence that we rely on God completely can be shattered instantly the moment that we actually do something.

Because of this, we face the temptation of an idle life that seemingly requires little faith. This can preserve both the security we crave, as well as the pretense of trusting God that makes us feel holy. But this is a false holiness.

Instead, we are meant to follow God into the dark places. The psalmist trusted God along quiet streams just as he trusted God in the valleys. The changing of seasons is no cause for doubt--faithfulness is our calling in all circumstances.

Of course, this is no justification for a lack of self-reflection. The imperative for faithfulness demands that we constantly test our motives, and ask God to search our hearts. Once we overcome the illusory comfort of idleness, we are faced with another temptation: self-righteousness.

A righteous cause is easily distorted by a self-righteous devotee. The word of God can quickly become unhinged from the truth of God if we are not careful. Therefore, we must always hold our vocation and causes with an open hand, holding tight nothing but our commitment to faithfulness in all things.

You see, we are never anxious about faithfulness. We stress and worry about our circumstances, but when we arrive at the hard-won decision to simply be faithful we are immediately comforted.

Right now, in this moment, there is no more restorative decision we can make than to be faithful.

Quiet my anxious heart. Still my spirit with a new peace. Comfort me as only You can. My days are Yours. My hope is in You.

Let this be our prayer as we seek to be co-laborers with Christ in His work of justice and the renewal of all things.